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Dakota Valley Baseball Association T-Ball/Coach Pitch Baseball League Rules and Guidelines

1) Each game is three innings but should not exceed one hour.

2) All players will bat during their team’s at bat.

3) Batters have the choice of coach pitch or hitting from the tee. If the batter receives three strikes (or at coach’s discretion), the ball is then set on the tee. The batter swings until the ball gets into play. There are no strikeouts.

4) No score will be kept for the game.

5) No player may play the same position in the field twice during the game. 

Example: if one player has been 1st basemen in the 1st inning, then they cannot play that position in the 2nd or 3rd inning.

6) All outfielders should start each at bat in the grass.

7) No leading off or stealing bases.

8) The fielding team gets the ball to home plate when the last batter hits to end the inning. Please wait until the last batter crosses home plate before allowing players to leave their positions or the player benches.

9) No throwing bats. A batter will receive one warning for throwing the bat after hitting.  The second offense results in the batter being called out.  Safety is our highest priority.

10) The ball has to be hit past the batter’s box in order to be called a fair ball.


11) No bunting.

12) The offensive team is allowed up to four coaches on the field:

  • coach at bat to assist batter and move the game along

  • coach to pitch as needed

  • first base coach

  • third base coach


13) The defensive team is allowed up to two coaches on the field of play to help coach.


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