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Welcome to Dakota Valley Baseball. While we are not the Dakota Valley High School Baseball site, we do represent the 13/14 VFW and Varsity VFW leagues as well as American Legion league. Our players are made up of local boys that live within the guidelines of the VFW and Legion. Most of our coaches are volunteers that love and have extensive knowledge of the game of Baseball. Our season runs from when the Dakota Valley High School Baseball season ends and games run from the beginning of June through July.

These teams are managed by the Dakota Valley Baseball Association. The board of directors and coaches of this association put together each year a fund raiser of selling water softener salt. Each player is required to sell 50 bags of salt to help offset the price to play.  The players are required to supply their own uniform. They can earn a FREE baseball hat which is part of the uniform by selling 100 bags of salt. Coaches will determine what color pants and undershirts are required early in the season. One final note, this association is different than the Dakota Thunder Baseball Association, so if  your player takes part in Thunder baseball, there is a separate playing fee for each organization.





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All players are required to sell a minimum of 50 bags as part of off-setting the cost of baseball.

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Our community has a great sports complex.  We are excited to have baseball teams that represent our area.  We are self-funded and with your support, we can continue to keep these programs successful.



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